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About the event ConFusion

ConFusion, based in Gothenburg, is the largest event for East Asian pop culture west of Sweden. We are also the fastest-expanding event organizer for said events in Sweden and we are now after only three events the second largest in the country. Our focus is to offer our visitors a quality assured, fresh and fun event that everyone can enjoy, young and old, beginners and enthusiasts.

The first event was organized by the non-profit organization of the same name at the museum 28 to 30 January 2011. This was in conjunction with the museum’s Japanese fashion exhibition, Kimono Fusion. After a popular first event, we did it again, in December 2012 as an independent event. These conventions have been much appreciated, with an average number of around 700-800 visitors.

In October 2013 we organized our third event. It became an even better, bigger and more vibrant convention than we ever did before! With over 1200 visitors and our first international guest from Japan, Aki Hata, we started our big push in the Swedish convention scene. This effort will continue to challenge the way we look at how conventions in Sweden are orgnaized.

About the organization ConFusion and its organizers

The organization which organizes the events goes under the name, ConFusion, and is a Sverok-connected non-profit organization based in Gothenburg. Its purpose is to organize and support the organization of the convention and promote the practice of games and East Asian culture. The organization could be described as an umbrella organization, because it organizes events together with other organizations.

The organization was formed in 2010 and consists of gaming and japanese interested people from different parts of Sweden, however, mainly from the Gothenburg area. Many of the members have previous experience of organizing convention with other organizations.

Both the event and the orgnaization ConFusion are driven by many enthusiasts and together we form our non-profit orgnaization, a platform to democratically make this event a reality. The organization is led by its board who are elected each year at the annual meeting and the event itself is led by organizers who is appointed by the Board. At the annual meeting, all members of the organization are allowed to vote and can influence how the convention should be run.